Agency Software

Visionary Auto-Syncer 8.5
Provide your clients with the power to efficiently review and present video testimony by synchronizing it to the transcript. Accurately process hours of video in just minutes. Deliver a free easy-to-use viewer that your clients can use to create and present deposition video clips. MORE DETAILS.
Visionary Scan 8.5
Convert image files, scan documents, code, OCR and distribute exhibit tiff, jpeg and PDF files. Create load files compatible with Visionary products and other popular industry software programs. A great companion to Visionary V-Print and Auto-Sync. MORE DETAILS.
Transcript Utility 8.5
Quickly transform raw reporter work product into industry standard Amicus transcripts that adhere to court standards. Ensure that page formatting is consistent from one job to the next. MORE DETAILS.
V-Print CR 8.5
Deliver consistent and professional printed and PDF transcripts every time. Promote your business with branded title pages and transcript footers. Speed up your production, delivery and archiving process. MORE DETAILS.
V-Print CR Pro 8.5
Incorporate hyperlinked exhibits with your transcript as an added benefit for your client without recurring monthly fees. You buy it, own it and use it. MORE DETAILS.