Frequently Asked Questions

After I imported the transcript, the first page number is 0 or there is no page number at all on the first page. How do I fix this?
Go to “Tools’, “Renumber Pages” and add a page number.
Do you synchronize the swearing in of the deponent?
Yes, many times the attorney wants to play it back in trial. You can manually synchronize that area of the transcript, spacing out the sync points appropriately or you can auto-sync that area in the file. If you choose to auto-sync it, go back to
Why does the Auto-Sync process start but the progress bar does not move?
Set the extra text at the end of the deposition to “No Video”.
Why aren’t the Sync Queue buttons visible?
Go to “Tools, Options”. Select the “Sync” tab. In the “Sync Queue DB:” window, select the “…” box and browse to the “SyncQueue .mdb” filed.
When I try to publish a deposition, it fails. Why?
Ensure you have enough sync units available and are connected to the internet.
Why are the exhibits not appearing with the deposition in the Auto-Syncer?
Ensure the .vig has been created in the Visionary Scan and the .vig and .vdf reside in the same folder.
Why does the transcript get more and more off the farther down in the transcript that I go when it is synced?
The audio file/s was encoded at a sample frequency rate at 48 kHz, which contains an inaccurate mathematical algorithm. Files should be encoded with a sample frequency rate of 44.1kHz. To prevent re-encoding (unless you just want to re-encode), rigs
Why does the transcript sync a portion of the video but fails, not completing the syncing, but returning partial results?
This is caused by long drawn out pauses or when there is more audio than text. Find the end of the synchronized portion of the transcript and add a few manual sync points, making sure that you manually synchronize past long pauses or video that was n
Where do I start my first video file in the transcript?
Begin the associated page and line number with the first words you hear weather is the videographer read on or the witness being sworn.
Hyperlinks are listed twice with the same exhibit # in the Auto-Syncer.
If you want to re-hyperlink exhibits with the transcript, first, delete the hyperlinks for that depositions and then re-hyperlink the exhibits.
Why doesn’t the deposition data fit onto the Visionary Viewer CD when I try and burn it?
This was caused at the time of encoding. The video bit rate was to high, probably around 4.0mbps. We generally encode ours between 1.12mbps to 1.15mbps. If there is more than one video file, you will have to burn them to multiple DVD’s.
Why do I get this error when I try to publish?
“The frame values of some sync points are greater than the end values of the video files. Please re-sync the last points for the video files identified in the clip test list”.
Click on the “Edit video file properties” button and look at the end frame #. Then, browse and select the correct file and watch the end frame change. Now the last line of the synced transcript won’t be higher than the video end frame.
When starting the Sync of a depo error message flashes:[syncVDFvideoFile] object variable or with block variable not set [11]
The error is caused when the Sync engine having troubles accessing the video file. it could be something in the encoding. I suggest you make sure windows media encoder is installed (free download from windows). You may then select Tools, convert me
How do I purchase more sync units?
Send an E-mail to with your company name, credit card information, and the amount of units you need.
I just got a new computer how do I switch my autosyncer?
1. First open the auto-syncer on the computer it is installed on. 2. Once the program is open go to help button at the top of the screen an click on register software. 3. With the registration window open copy down the registration code in the bott
When I try and register or publish I get a message saying I cannot connect to server.
The first to check is Internet Explorer 7. There is a “feature/bug” in IE 7 that prevents a connection via web services (what is used for publishing and registering Visionary products). We have written a patch to repair this. It is available on ou
Why won't my transcript sync?
If you have a transcript that will not sync there are several steps you can take to solve this issue. 1. Set some manually sync points at the beginning of the transcript and sync forward from those sync points. 2. Mark the end of your transcript t
I get a message saying I cannot create a .mdb file.
The files necessary to create an MDB file from the autosyncer have been corrupted (most of the time this is due to antivirus programs trying to clean the mdb files visionary uses). You will need to uninstall the auto syncer and reinstall. Before do
I get a message saying some frames are out of order but they are not out of order.
There are a few things you can do to solve this issue. 1. Manually sync this portion of the transcript. 2. If there is a section of the transcript in this area that is not in the video mark that section as “No video” also ensure all frame values fo
When trying to use the sync queue I get an error that says “Field ‘Syncqueue.vdfloc’ cannot be a zero length string”.
Go to “Start” then open “Computer” and right click on the “C:\” drive and select rename. Type any name for the drive other than local disk, once the drive has a label this message will not appear.
My client is requesting a format that I cannot export from the autosyncer.
To obtain a format that cannot be created by the autosyncer you will need to convert your deposition file into the format you need. This can be done with the MDB file exported form the autosyncer most of the time. You can either send the request for
My computer crrashed and I need to get my autosyncer back up.
First you will need to install the autosyncer on your new computer; if you do not have the install you can download the installation file by selecting this link . If your registration code
While syncing, I cannot read the line that is highlighted because the color is black.
Select the “tools” menu then the “options” button. Click on the “text” tab and select the browse button next to the “highlight background” to change your highlight background color.
Why does the video not play on the Viewer CD/DVD?
Ensure the video files are located in the “Data” folder on the root of the drive. Also, make sure they are not shortcuts to the video files.
Why does the Viewer CD/DVD not auto-play when I put it in the CD/DVD ROM drive?
Ensure the 5 items are on the root of the CD/DVD, including the following folders “Data and VisionaryViewer” and files “autorun.ico, autorun.inf and ViewerStart.exe”
How can I keep my clips that I create in the viewer and move them to another computer?
Open the vdf in the viewer on the computer with the clips then select the “file” menu, then “export” “transcript”. Once the “Save as” dialogue box displays you must change the “save as file type” at the bottom of the window to “Visionary deposition
Can I use the Viewer in court?
Yes the Visionary Viewer can be used in court although you will not have all the functionality of the Visionary trial presentation software.
How do I add my own splash screen to the viewer?
1. Go to the ‘C:\Program Files\Visionary\ViewerCDTemplate\VisionaryViewer folder 2. Replace the ‘vltlogo.gif’ graphic file with one of your own file with the same name. (You may want to use the existing vltlogo.gif as a template for sizing purposes
How do I print my transcript from the viewer?
Select the “file menu then select “print”. Print the “pdf transcript” to keep all of your graphics and bolding. Select “plain transcript” to print without any of the formatting. Note: In order to print the “PDF transcript” you will need to include
Why are my exhibit files so large?
Do not scan black and white images as color and set the dpi to 200.
How do I export a load file from scan?
Select the “tools” menu then select “build export files” from here you can choose which load file you would like to export then select “OK”. After you have exported these load files you will find them located in the VIGX folder which will reside ins
What file format should my exhibits be in?
We recommend for best results that the TIFF format is used for all black and white images and JPEG is used for all color images. Also the pdf format can be used to import into the scan program.
What is the format for an Image Load File?
[PageID],[Drive Label],[Image File Path and Name], [Document Break Flag], [Folder Break Flag], [Box Break Flag], [Page No]
Can I use Visionary on a Vista computer.
Yes, Visionary 7.2 is Vista compatible.
Visionary looks like a great tool but I am not technical enough to use it in court.
Our professional trial presentation team can prepare all of your case material as well as present in trial. For more information about our trial presentation service please contact us at .
I cannot install I get a message saying "cannot rename drive volume"
Go to “Start” then open “Computer” and right click on the “C:\” drive and select rename. Type any name for the drive other than local disk, once the drive has a label this message will not appear.
I get errors when trying to open/install the program in windows Vista.
There are several steps you will need to follow if you are getting errors when using windows Vista. 1. Run all of the latest Microsoft updates for your version of windows vista. 2. Login as administrator with full access and permission. Then run t
I get a message that my resolution is too small but it is clearly large enough.
Sometimes special windows themes can affect the use of the dual screen in visionary, if you are getting this message you will need to change your windows theme settings or lower your visual effects.
How do I import pdf files into a case?
Use File, Import Images/Documents Advanced. Choose the pdf files to import and follow the steps.
I cannot import my transcript.
First you must copy your ASCII txt file to a writeable location with enough space to store the visionary files. If your transcript is on a cd or floppy disc you will need to copy the transcript to your local hard drive before importing. Second yo
My E-mail gets blocked when I export from v-print.
The Visionary VDF file includes an encrypted ZIP that can trigger some spam blockers to stop the E-mail from sending. You will need to make sure your E-mail client is not blocking encrypted zip files from being sent.
How do I import exhibits?
Importing exhibits is a feature used in the professional version of V-print for more Information contact
Pages of my transcript that should be on one page are spreading over to the next page.
Adjust your margin and font size to create more space on your page for text. To do this select the “file” menu then select the “page layout”. Once you have the page layout open select the “transcript” tab and lower your “font size” and “margin size
How do I save my settings in v-print so that I do not have to change them for every transcript?
Open the page layout by selecting the “file” menu then select “page layout”. In the bottom left of this window in the “Template” area, you will need to type in a custom template name and select “save”. Now when importing your transcript select the
My last page does not expand to the full size of the paper it only covers half of the page.
In most cases this is caused by your transcript not being in the correct format. Open your ASCII txt file in “notepad” then scroll to the last page. Make sure the last page of your transcript is in check with these guidelines below. 1. Make sure y
My first page does not look right.
This is because the first page of the transcript in the ASCII txt file does not have page and line numbers, you will need to either add page and line numbers to the transcript or get a new transcript with page and line numbers on the first page.
What files do I need to export in V-print?
You can select which files you would like to export from V-print a description of all the files are listed below. 1. ASCII.TXT – this will export the text file form of the transcript which can be opened in Notepad or any text editor. 2. Full Page.P
How do I hyperlink my exhibits to my transcript?
Open your transcript in the Visionary Viewer from V-print by selecting the “Viewer” button. Now select the exhibit on the left you wish to hyperlink then highlight the word in the transcript you want to hyperlink. Once this is done select the “hyper
What are all the files created on my computer when I open a transcript and do I need to keep them?
These are files created so that all of the changes you make to your transcript will be saved for future use. For example if you have edited the transcript or added bolding options, scanned in exhibits or made hyperlinks. All of this data is stored i
How do I import my transcript from Microsoft word?
When creating a transcript in Microsoft word you will need to save the file with page and line numbers on every page in order to import into V-print properly. There are two different options you have here. • Print your transcript from file to Micros
How can I update my software?
All Visionary programs include the ability to use Help, Check for Updates; option to check for new updates.